Minecraft Xbox 360 Seeds

Game Background

Minecraft Xbox 360The Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft was released May 9, 2012 after being developed by 4J studios. It was released on the Xbox Live Arcade for $19.99 and there was also a trial version available.

There are a few differences from the Minecraft PC version, since the Xbox 360 input is different. These differences include an easier to use crafting system, in-game tutorials, split-screen multiplayer, and an up to eight player multiplayer online.

Finally, although Notch has stated otherwise, there will also be Minecraft for PS3, Minecraft for PS4, and Minecraft for PS Vita.

Top 5 Xbox 360 Seeds

Despite all this, there exist seeds codes for the Xbox 360 just like any other version of the game. Below are the top 5 Xbox 360 seed codes we have found. To find more seeds, use the search bar on the right.


This seed contains mainly a desert, with some arctic biomes and swamp every so often. There are also three villages that are fairly close together and there is a large flat area between them.

This seed also features many spawners, including zombie, skeleton, and cave spider spawners. There is also a second Blaze spawner in the Nether fort located at coordinates (-22, 64, 49).

This is a totally epic seed that you should play based on my Xbox gamer tag! There are also a ton of locations on the map, especially underground. In the locations you'll find that there is an abandonded mineshaft, an obsidian chamber, diamond, lapis, and a herobrine spawner!
This seed is great for those of you looking for tiny islands with a lot of water around them. There are a ton of different types of islands too, including mushroom islands, forest islands, and snow islands.
I have been playing on this seed for a long time and have discovered a lot of cool stuff I thought I'd share with everyone! Right from the beginning you'll find sugar cane a little south of the spawn. There are also two mobster spawners at X: -54 / Y: 52 / Z: -186 and X: -92 / Y: 25 / Z: -142. Finally, there is also a location with lava on the surface and tons of clay in the locations.
Okay so here's a map I decided to try out. It's pretty much a simple world, but great for anyone who wants to just play in a world that has a little bit of everything in it. If anybody finds a dungeon or 2 please post the coordinates.
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