gimmeavillage Minecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2 Seed

Seed Code: gimmeavillage

A great seed! When you spawn, turn around and you'll see a village.

Spawn points

Works with Minecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2
X: 252 / Y: 71 / Z: 254


X: 279 / Y: 77 / Z: 257

Sweet house with sheep on top... but to see the sheep you must turn around right after you spawn.

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Hey if you like this seed please comment and rate and please give me anyfun spots with the co-ordinates if you find any

haha sorry for the misspell my keyboard is not working right it's any fun not anyfun

Let me try this.

I don't like it, but ill rate it because it spawns you in a village.

This seed doesn't work for the latest Minecraft version. It spawns me in the middle of a rainforest....

x: 450
y: 82
z: 288
Pig city. Is anyone here hungry for porkchops?
x: 690
y: 72
z: 312
Another village! this time with a house with a PIG on top of it!!!!
y: 103
z: 608
Pinch me! This is NPC village heaven. An NPC village in a DESERT!
x: 1204
y: 107
z: 343
This IS Npc village HEAVEN! Another NPC village in a Desert! you are on a roll, man. I say, ON A ROLL.
x: 1355
y: 91
z: -49
WHOA! Abandoned mineshaft Ravine! this is a treasure world. Awesome!
I found not really anything else special when I traveled more. Go to these places and feel the surprise.

on the south shore of the village theres a pile of grass blocks if u dig around it u will find a zombie spawner

theres also 2 chests and iron ore and and cole on the roof of the dungeon

doesn't work for new.

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