Check out some of the latest seeds that have emerged on the web… Including ice spikes, taiga and jungle biomes – you’re bound to find one that works for you.

1.12 Seed Code: 1101475781

This seed was posted by pajicadvance23 on reddit—his overview states that the seed contains nine villages, two desert temples, a jungle temple, and more! All of these features are less than 1000 blocks away from spawn.

1.12 Seed Rock Formations

This seed has some pretty cool mountain and rock formations—check it out and tell us what you think!

1.12 Seed Code: 812014930105396964

Reddit user MrQirn found this while looking for the perfect seed. It has two mushroom islands a couple thousand blocks from spawn, a huge Mesa biome, sunflower plains, quad slime chunks near witch huts, and more!

World Map for 1.12 Seed

Check out the original post to see all the seed’s features, and try it for yourself.

1.12 Seed Code: 2129799779508389453

This seed was posted on our site by allamseedfreak, and spawns you in a taiga biome with a mountain, not too far from a jungle biome with a temple inside, as well as a village and blacksmith.

Jungle view in 1.12 seed

The original post also contains the coordinates for each of these features. Give this seed a try and feel free to give us feedback!

1.12 Seed Code: 2752544795569495315

This last seed was also submitted by one of our very own – a101a001. We were drawn to this seed because it has a great ice spikes biome, one igloo, two villages (one with a ravine running through it), and more.

Ice spikes biome 1.12 seed

Take a look at the post to see the rest of this seed’s features!