Check out our list of some of the best village seeds found all over the web! We’ve included several Minecraft versions, so everyone can give these a go!

1.8 Seed Code: 88974602297265413

This huge village seed was posted on our website by Maddox121, who counted a total of 3,056 structures in the village!
Huge Island Minecraft SeedHowever, all of those structures only make up one-seventeenth of the entire world area. Check out our user’s post to see the rest of the seed’s features.

Xbox One Seed Code: -5932184224810181111

We found this seed on a Minecraft forum, uploaded by Tanisha Eileen. In her post, she details that you will be spawned near a village with a blacksmith, and the map has a total of fifteen villages!

Minecraft Seed Many VillagesNine of the villages have blacksmiths, and there are several desert temples and ocean monuments. Check out the original post to see all the seed’s features and coordinates.

Pocket Edition Seed Code: 1388582293

This seed was uploaded on YouTube by JackFrostMiner, and he calls it a “triple village,” meaning it has three villages placed on top of each other right in front of spawn! Minecraft PE Villages Seed

The seed is located in a savannah biome and also has two blacksmiths, one of which is holding emeralds and apples! Check out the video to see the full details.

1.1 Seed Code: -3818216195951724349

Here’s another seed that was posted on our site, by user argynarg – which contains two large villages with one blacksmith shop in each.

Minecraft Village 1.1 Seed The north village contains five obsidian, while the east village has six diamonds and two pairs of iron pants. Click here to see the coordinates of each village.

1.8.1/1.9 Seed Code: halloween

This seed was posted on a Minecraft forum by Timelord_Peculier, and features an interesting village located in a body of water! Minecraft 1.9 Seed Village Under WaterOther users say this seed looks just like Venice – take a look for yourself!