Watching some people play Minecraft is like watching somebody build a working calculator out of ball bearings and PVC pipe.  ItsJustJumby is one of those people.  His video shows you how he built a 3-D printer in Minecraft using only the materials and physics available in the game.

The whole system is amazing to behold.  It contains 846 repeaters, 1124 hoppers, 9181 comparators, 10539 pieces of redstone dust, and 20103 command blocks.  It’s a truly titanic structure that uses hoppers, colored wool blocks, and creepers to print and destroy 3-D objects.  When you destroy the printed object, the whole thing resets itself and allows you to print again.  ItsJustJumby shows you how it works in this video:

The more we see people building machines like this in Minecraft, the more we wonder if this shouldn’t be the game getting concerned parents up in arms.  Surely if the GTA series is training future petty criminals, then Minecraft is training the future mad scientists who will someday program our robot overlords; by the time you’re capable of building something like this, you’re far more dangerous than your average crook.

It would be amazing to find a seed that lets you do this kind of thing in survival mode.  Even doing this in creative mode had to have been a massive task–unless he’s already programmed a fully functional robot to build his machine army for him.  Either way, we can’t help but salute ItsJustJumby for showing us that we can always be bigger, better, and cooler in Minecraft.