Finally, Minecraft is released. There are still some bugs in this first version but it has a good feel to it. The Seed "Finally" is more like a normal Seed with some obscure structures.

Código de Semilla: Finally

Puntos de inicio

X: -199 / Y: 65 / Z: -240


X: -395 / Y: 91 / Z: -25

The trees got changed a little bit.

X: -735 / Y: 31 / Z: 122


X: -153 / Y: 90 / Z: -81

The Obscure structure from the preview image.

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5 Diamonds at
X: 20.69
hopes this helps

my x y and z dont work sooooooooooooo could someone
tell me where it is plz

my x y and z dont work sooooooooooooo could someone
tell me where the stronghold is plz

Can anyone tell me the location of a village in this seed

On the x y z thing, how do you get rid of the pie chart and the red lines on it so you can just see the x y z coordinates?

its so i can find the strongholds because after a few seconds the red lines hide the x y z coordiantes.

its ok now i used the eyes of ender and there were loads of wolves near my spawn point <3

finaly a seed with a stronghold location

Soooo much like HKT98 where is the village if there is one, ~and~ is there any snow on the map, say off the edges shown above and if so North South East or West? I want to make snow golems here if I can. Oh and Pumpkins would be needed too. kthxbye

Desert Biome for any who may be looking for a place for a horse with no name.

HKT98!!!!! I found a village!!
Have fun with it.

Pumpkins at
X: -960

Bigger village at
This one has a church too!

Found another village with some towering walls there

Erhm, can anyone help? I'm sort of new around here. :P I can't find the seed link?

Ive been wondering where a snow biome would be as well...ive also been searching for slime. If anyone could give me cords, itd be really helpful :3 thanks

Where do you find the seed?!

where can we find the seed on this site??? tenx for the answer...

hey guys i think the seed is 'Finally' :O not sure...

the seed is called Finally! Dx and to generate the seed you need to go to more world options and enter 'Finally' into the text box.

i think it is out of date for 1.9.......

Updated stronghold location for 1.1:
This should be working, Im currently on minecraft 1.1. The coordinates I gave put you right on top of the end portal, so be careful if you're fudging the numbers. Also, to people who dont know how to use coordinates, hit F3 and a debugging window should pop up with coordinates, memory usage, etc. Enjoy!

It's great that you told where the stronghold is. I like that! The rest is kinda boring.