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Semilla de Minecraft 1.0.0 Stronghold Seeds

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You spawn in a Taiga Biome, which, if you head from the spawn in the direction of the small (frozen, if you are in 11w49a) pool, you will find it borders a Tundra Biome... Which has a great many ravines, big and small. The Taiga, if you have version 11w49a, will have snow and ice... So, thats two snow biomes right next to each other! On the other side, we have a swamp... uuuhhggg... AND A GIGANTIC MOUNTAIN BIOME! Anyway... lets get back to talking about the snow biomes... Using Ender Eyes, you may find that a stronghold is not that far into the tundra... considering the usual distance strongholds are. It is not that deep in the ground either. But this seed is not all about the stronghold. Anyways, this seed has a lot of snow. If you like that, or you just want a Golden Apple, this is the seed for you! Note: All pictures are taken in 11w49a, so do not sue me if you only have 1.0.0 and there is no snow in the Taiga. 11w49a can be downloaded at the Mojang website.

Código de Semilla: WAT

Puntos de inicio

X: -11 / Y: 65 / Z: 256


X: -857 / Y: 44 / Z: 45

Stronghold! This one is closer to the spawn than most, and also closer to the surface than most. You finally feel ready to take on the silverfish, or maybe you just want a golden apple to finish your whole crusade to find one. About 11 blocks deep, you should fall into an underground pool of water. However you deal with that, it should not be a problem. It may even save you, if you decide to dig straight down and fall into the lava. Just 2-4 blocks under that small pool is your portal. If you exit the portal room, and look straight forward, you should see a wooden door. You will enter the same kind of room, and if you go up the stair (not the one under the arch, the one that leads above the arch), on one side, you will see a long cobblestone staircase. Walking down it, will end all your toil, your pain, your pointless crusade for an edible item! THE GOLDEN APPLE! Along with some boots and iron. You would probably already have that by now... If you don't... you should be prepared to die. This stronghold also intersects with an abandoned mineshaft... so you may also have to deal with the silverfish AND the cave spiders. Maybe not the cave spiders, the mineshaft is a bit far from the portal room, but if you want to have melons, go for it. So all of you Golden Apple people will be happy with this seed. If you plan on defeating the Enderdragon with snowballs (it does half a heart to it) this would be the seed!

X: -611 / Y: 64 / Z: -211

Can lava really be this close to ice?

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vladophantomawesome dude!


DrWeasel99Looks awesome,but I cant try it because I dont know where the seed is -.-


phantomminerawesome seed the golden apple helps to beat the enderdragon


THEPWNASAURWTF IS 11W49a!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MozillaFirefoxMCits a snapshot


dogy12b3i fond six diamond and 1 stack and 32 lapis :D


abbycubWHAT is the seed some of us cant just download we need an ip or a seed until then i give no rateing

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