3 blocks away from Spruce Village Seed

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Semilla de Minecraft 1.1 Village Seeds

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One of my few YET rare seed: This seed includes a SPRUCE village 3 Blocks (+-) from the road to the village! LOCATION: U spawn like an Y : Right next to you is an oak forest : Left of the Y is the spruce forest with the village u spawn in. Upper Y is an lil mountain biome and upper mini mountain are plains.Right to the spruce forest is a Mini mountain biome too with some snow on some mountains.

Código de Semilla: 64012658940284027

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LiZLiZI love how there are so many downvotes from haters who are from pocket edition.


rossnickLove this seed. There is a massive, very massive mine with abandoned rails, a few carts with chests, and lots of iron and gold. Entrance : -298/66/615. I explored it in creative, don't go there without proper armour and weapons, and lots, tons of tochs and signs. You'll get lost.

There is also another village not too far at -316/68/-691

Village with Blacksmith


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seed with 4 churches


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ultimate seed


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Spawn near village with woodland mansion


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Huge Abandoned Village near spawn


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Taiga village and ruined portal at spawn


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Nether Portal village house


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