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Semilla de Minecraft 1.1 Desert Seeds

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A seed with a desert biome nearby and a zombie dungeon right next to the spawn, Rich with minerals, Going straight foward from the spawn will lead you to the ravine.

Código de Semilla: no homo

Puntos de inicio

X: 253 / Y: 67 / Z: 272


X: 269 / Y: 52 / Z: 243

A part of the dungeon, the wall, probably the best place to enter, With a mushroom to the far right of this medium sized ravine.

For those curious of what is in the chest: 2 bread, 1 bucket, one gunpowder, one wheat, and two redstone ~FriedComputers

X: 264 / Y: 66 / Z: 284

The entrance to the direct point of the dungeon, and sugar cane and cactus in the distance. Great if you want to start a mega farm.

X: 71 / Y: 65 / Z: 313

A village! and alot of smooth land, So if your planning on making a huge arena next to this village, Be happy, there is a nice suprise in the chest in the village blacksmith for you, along with more sugar cane, going about 10 O'Clock from here leads you to a surface lava pool!

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AtreidasThanks guys! If you guys can post more comments and such like a stronghold location or ore locations, I'm happy to add them! ~Atreidas


FriedComputersFor those curious of what is in the chest: 2 bread, 1 bucket, one gunpowder, one wheat, and two redstone.


zazazoomi could hardly find the spawner plz help


ziomolosnot bad seed


SchazookaBUT NO DIAMOND????


AtreidasSchazooka, I'd rather find nice things like dungeons, villages, Flat land etc.
Telling people where diamonds are is just cheating ^^,
Zazazoom, The seed is outdated and only works in 1.1.

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