The Godfather

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Semilla de Minecraft 1.1 Island Seeds

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A large ocean biome. You spawn with several nearby islands and various other archipelagos scattered all throughout the ocean. Can be used as a good natural survival island.

You start near 2 trees, making it possible for survival.

As far as I could tell, there was no nearby mainland, just more and more islands.

I was always looking for a good ocean biome seed with small scattered islands and I finally found it.

Note: May take a moment to load and lag the first time you start.

Código de Semilla: The Godfather

Puntos de inicio

X: 621 / Y: 65 / Z: -80


X: 307 / Y: 26 / Z: 67

Underwater ravine. There's more than just this one if you're looking for them!

X: 218 / Y: 106 / Z: 349

More islands south of spawn.

X: -8 / Y: 123 / Z: 364

A somewhat larger island with a tree, sugar cane, clay, and some natural caves, surrounded by some smaller islands.

X: 965 / Y: 100 / Z: -1,132

Again, going along with the popular theme here, another archipelago. North east of spawn a ways.

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TheXplorer3000Found the Mainland, if you pull out a map go to the bottom right corner and you'll find it just poking into the area. :D


Kingpnut3pfft what kind of person WANTS an ocean biome oh yeah ME


mineer409eryou did a realy good gob it is the 2nd beast

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