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3 dungeons, 2 ravines and more near the spawn? Sign me up!I've made 20 worlds since my last upload and this one sticks out the most. Hope you like it, I will try to add a lot of text to these seeds from now on because of the feed back I got on "FaceSandwich" The stronghold is also really close. It is in the ocean near the shore, so close to the water that you can hear it. Due to lack of locations, Here are the coordinates (You will fall into lava be careful): x 274 , y 69 , z 820

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X: -211 / Y: 70 / Z: 224


X: -442 / Y: 70 / Z: 380

Two dungeons near each other! There is also a cool glitch on one of the dungeons. The sand has fallen on the rest of the dungeon except for the chest spot. Just don't remove any of the sand! I can only have four locations so I'll have to put two dungeons in this one location. The other dungeon is very close. (Keep reading for the cordinates of the other dungeon if you still can't find it)Dungeon in picture chest items: 1 Bucket, 4 redstone, 4 bread, 1 saddle, 7 gunpowder, 6 strings, and one iron ingot. Dungeons spawner type: Skeleton. Other dungeon cordinates: x: -400, y: 61, z 332. Other dungeon chest items: 1 saddle, 2 cocoe bean, 7 string, 1 wheat, 2 bread, 4 gunpowder, and 3 buckets. Other type dungeon spawner: Skeleton.

X: -265 / Y: 65 / Z: 266

So apparently Windows Registery REALLY likes Dungeons. This is the 3rd dungeon in a insaely epic ravine! The dungeon contains a large chest covered by gravel that contains: 2 Iron ingots, 5 gunpowder, 7 string, and 2 cocoa beans. Type of spawner: Zombie

X: -50 / Y: 107 / Z: 1,483

The closest mushroom biome. Not that far actually, mooshrooms abundant! It's actually kinda mountian-like so it makes it look cooler! This is a pretty sick place to live, if you ask me.

X: -12 / Y: 75 / Z: -171

An extremely small but suitable village. A farm or two, and several houses. Not the biggest, but it will provided it with any survival needs you require.

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An excellent Seed again! We'd like to ask if you want to become admin scince you upload so much high quality seeds to this website. Your Seeds would then show up in the All Seeds list and you could add cartograph maps, as well as downloads and for every Seed you make I will do a video. You can also accept or deny User submissions and answer to comments as admin. Contact me ([email protected]) if you are interested and i will set your account to admin and give you a short introduction for the admin panel!

I have sent you a email!

Awesome seed! Just for fun, I'd like to add that there is 1 diamond ore at x: -333 y: 15 z: 295. Good job finding this seed!

I cant find the dungeons do you spawn on a tree?

What versoin were you using?

Can someone respond?