A golden Seed! (3 Cities, 3 Temples, Giant Mine-shaft)Semilla de Minecraft 1.10

It didn't take much time for me to notice that this seed must be shared!

That you will find in the world (and probably more):
- 3 cities, 2 of them in few range of each
- a blacksmith with an almost full set of iron armor
- 2 desert-temples with rather good loot
- 1 jungle-temple
- tons of monster-spawns
- a few good caves to the very low layers for early mining
- all animals you need (including horses)
- pumpkins, melons, sugar cane and cocoa beans in the jungle near spawn
- endless wood... (:

Here is a list of all coordinates i found so far:
City 1: -171/68/-283
City 2: 37 / 71 / 550
City 3: -170/73/709
Jungle-Temple: -313 / 75 /117
Desert-Temple 1: -230/64/911
Desert-Temple 2: -363/65/437
Spider-Spawn (covered with sand):
80/58/-155 (high enough for a trap!?)
The End-Portal: 978/10/2212 (you can dig straight down on that coordinates)

Zombie-Spawn (in the gorge): -187 / 54 / 108
Swampland with Slimes: -917/63/-844
Another good cave:-50 / 64 / 1015

White Horses: 160/66/581 (close to city 2)
Black/Brown Horses: 630/70/168

Small Swampland with cave: 305/60/805
->Zombie Spawner: 320/35/775

Another Cave Entrance: 570/68/861
->Zombie-Spawn: 585/46/911 (below the pumpkins)
->Zombie-Spawn: 538/50/847
->Zombie-Spawn: 600/58/890

There is a giant mine about 100x100 in total on 3 layers!!
Please take at least 5 stacks torches and signs, else you will get lost...
Also you should be fully equiped with potions and full diamond armor...
Entrance: 1108/47/840
Mine System 100x100: 1400 - 1300 / 33 - 38 / 770 - 880
(->enter the big cave system behind the gravel 1095/51/797)
->Skeleton Spawner: 1040/22/803
(-> entrance to the next cave system: 1344/31/929)
-> poison-spider spawn: 1383/36/812
-> Emeralds: 1361/27/880
-> Spider Spawner: 1366/31/921
-> Spider Spawner + nahe emeralds: 1327/25/911
-> poison spider Spawner: 1363/39/801
-> Another cave:1271/37/840
-> spider spawner: 1166/39/779
-> skeleton spawner: 1219/50/811
-> spider spawner: 1212 / 38 / 759
-> Spider Spawner (Horse Armor): 1205/ 34/833

Decorative goodies:
Flower-field: 937/65/313
Flower Forrest Biome: 526/90/1020
Flying Island: 90 /115/980

Enjoy! Greetings, Sweasy.

Código de Semilla: 6310936896723336614


X: -144 / Y: 65 / Z: 236

I suggest you to settle your first small base here.
There is a perfectly deep cave over the river.
Also you have space for a little basement in the wall and for some fields in front of that.

X: -181 / Y: 64 / Z: -277

In the blacksmith is almost a full set of iron-armor.
I suggest you to take it and also get the sharpness V for your first sword.

X: -171 / Y: 68 / Z: -283

From that city you already see the entrance to one of the desert temples.

X: 994 / Y: 69 / Z: 2,225

The fortress is right under that small cave.
I suggest you dig at 972/70/2247 if you want to enjoy the labyrinth and fortress completely.
If you want to go straight to the portal see coordinates above.. ;)

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Hi, I cannot find the Spruce wood village that is in your first picture and I would really like to live there. I'm not sure why I can't find it, would you be able to help me out please? I follow the coords and they take me to different villages

Hello OZPIN, i'm sure one of those 3 city coordinates is the right one.
Sadly im not at home and can't check which one it is.
Please check out those 3 coordinates and write me a msg in case you still cant find it.

The spruce wood village can be found if you customize the world with biome size 3 and river size 3.

Discovered a Jungle temple at -313 / 75 /117, enjoy.

They're called villages not cities

I Found a little village at 135 , 64 , 371 next to spawn in the plains zone

I have version 1.10.2 I cant find the spawners at all i found the villages please help if the a different between versions

the Zombie-Spawn (in the gorge): -187 / 54 / 108 I found it But the other 4 I cant be found

Hello guys, sadly im currently very busy with work and cant check out if the seed differs in other versions. I only played it on 1.10. so far.

Thank you, I love playing worlds with so much potential.

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