Tall Savanna M with 3 diamonds in blacksmithSemilla de Minecraft 1.10

When you spawn you'll find a desert temple right in front of you. Walk to the temple and you'll find a village with 3 diamonds inside the blacksmith. Then you'll reach the HIGHlight (pun) of this seed. This seed features the tallest mountains I have ever generated. At its peak it reaches 247 blocks high, which is about 184 blocks from top to bottom.
Savanna mountains: XYZ -500 210 450

Código de Semilla: i hate life

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I'm surprised this has more dislikes than my other seed. Don't you guys like diamonds?

I like how you have iron tools/ diamond tools and horse armor AND golden apples at the very beginning, plus i got a very fast horse and a donkey. Thanks for this seed

Your welcome:)

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