Medium 1 Tree Survival IslandSemilla de Minecraft 1.14

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You spawn directly on a medium sized survival island with a decent sized hill at one end. On render distance 16, there is only a single sand/beach island on the horizon and really gives you a sense of being stranded on an desert island. The unique shape of the island really lends itself to a hobbit hole or some other form of sweet base inside the hill, allowing you to leave the island naturally beautiful. Only 1x 5 log tree which adds to the challenge at the start, but it is covered in grass so won't be long until you have a wheat farm up and running. Enjoy and good luck!

Código de Semilla: -4658842799347995474

Puntos de inicio

X: -140 / Y: 71 / Z: -250


X: -200 / Y: 50 / Z: -130

A Shipwreck can be found close to the nearest desert island.

X: 0 / Y: 50 / Z: -130

A second shipwreck can be found in a direct eastern straight line from the other, 200 blocks away, but still within 200 blocks of the island.

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