Village of FreedoniaSemilla de Minecraft 1.14

NOTE: The seed is "Freedonia" -- Capital F, rest lower case! Not all caps! If you tried this seed as "FREEDONIA" and were dissatisfied, please try it again as "Freedonia"

This map is rich with resources near the spawn point with various livestock, plenty of trees, exposed stone, cave entrances and even some surface lava. There is a village nearby suitable for use as your exploration hub.

Código de Semilla: Freedonia


X: 100 / Y: 65 / Z: 200

The 'Village of Freedonia' is just a short jaunt from the spawnpoint, sitting within a vale w/ heavily treed hills on three sides. The village boasts a fountain, a library, a cartographer, a weaponsmith and TWO fletchers. There are plenty of livestock nearby and exposed stone. There is even rumored to be a cave-network beneath the village!

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I tried this seed and there is no such villa, arriving at the coordinates what if i found was a temple submarine and around a sunken ship, otherwise I found nothing. Sorry for bad english, i am spanish.

It looks like the site messed up the seed. The seed is *supposed* to be "Freedonia" -- Capital F, rest lower case. NOT all caps as displayed on the page.

It's nice to see seeds that aren't focused on fortune, glory, and in-your-face thumbnails. I just want a village that doesn't have a random cliff in the middle of it, because the villagers are idiotic enough to ignore the cliff.

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