Mushroom Fields and Desert Village SeedSemilla de Minecraft 1.15

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This huge mushroom biome seed has a desert village you won't miss right by spawn with a river crossing through it. This seed is perfect for exploring mushroom fields and a desert village with few mobs around.

There are not many trees around, but you can loot wood from the nearby village. With few mobs and plenty of sugarcane and cows near spawn as well, this is a perfect place to setup a base in hardcore mode.

The world type for the seed is large biomes so expect huge areas to explore.
This seed is for Minecraft 1.15.2 Java Edition and 20w16a snapshot, so make sure you have this version for the seed to work.

This seed was originally posted on Reddit by u/kingharkre.

Let us know what you think after exploring this mushroom and desert seed in the comments.

Código de Semilla: 305781276485679662

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