I have been playing Minecraft for 2 days now and was using some seeds from this site, figured it was time to give back.<br>
I started guessing at some seeds and came up with a few good ones, but to me this one is killer.

It has multiple buildings with chests, lot's of trees to start with and incredible mountains with huge caverns containing all type of ore you could want.

In addition to the locations in the links, I have included the following notes to other points in this huge world.

Head the direction of "1" to get to...

Cave 1

x: -255.19
y: 71.62
z: 44.76
f: 3

This thing is deep
Water falls
Lots of Coal Ore down deep

Diamond Ore and Iron Ore close here:
x: -159.65
y: 13.40
z: 37.41

Cheating would be to go to :
x: -161.45
y: 66.62
z: 32.47
and dig down to:
y: 13

RedStone Ore close here:
x: -173.69
y: 13.62
z: 25.27

Hill 1

x: -645.64
y: 88.62
z: 543.57
f: 1

Chest on Left:
4 Iron Ingots
2 Saddles

Chest on Right:
4 Iron Ingots
Gun Powder
Music Disk (C418-cat)

Hill 2

x: -642.18
y: 66.62
z: 578.14
f: 1

Small Water fall in cave
Lots of coal if you dig

Hill 3

x: -395.46
y: 71.62
z: 324.11
f: 2

Tons of coal, iron ore
Massive internal caverins
Water falls
Tons of Lava
Diamond ore
Gold ore
RedStone Ore here
Lapis Lazuli Ore

YOu can find a lot of the valuable ore at the following location:
x: -310.33
y: 12.62
z: 218.24


3 Buildings and wishing well

x: -364.50
y: 69.62
z: 351.54
f: 2

One building has crafting table
One large empty house
One small house with no door

2 Buildings and wishing well

x: 536.60
y: 73.62
z: 339.76
f: 1


House on right has chest with the following items:
5 Apples
4 pieces of bread
Iron Boots
2 Gold Ingots

Building on left has a crafting table inside

Código de Semilla: 1 Billion Dollars

Puntos de inicio

X: 52 / Y: 74 / Z: 256


X: -302 / Y: 16 / Z: 250

Huge cavern inside one of the many mountains. Lots of ore you can get.

X: -364 / Y: 69 / Z: 351

These are a few of the buildings I have found.
A few of them contain:


House on right has chest with the following items:
5 Apples,
4 pieces of bread,
Iron Boots,
2 Gold Ingots<>

Building on left has a crafting table inside.

X: -225 / Y: 71 / Z: 44

This is the entrance into some of the caves that will take you down to a lot of ore. The tunnels are long and winding, so leave a train or markings to get back out.

X: -310 / Y: 12 / Z: 218

Tons of ore here. Redstone, gold, diamond, Lapis Lazuli, coal, iron.

Mas Semillas de Minecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2

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I hit manage seeds before I hit edit. I figured I was already in edit mode since I was willing out the info.
Hope it comes out ok.

Very nice! Awesome Seed, very detailed.

looks grand! Trying this now :D

Thanks for the feedback. Reply back and let me know what else you find.

Can I go back and add a Cartograph ?

looks lonely :p

Found an underground mine shaft that has wooden supports and cross timbers where there are tracks going in multiple directions. (tons of spiders) Lot's of iron ore and water around the mine shafts.

This was near the location close to the 3 buildings.

Hi , how can I download this seed? I don't see where I can clic to download it? please can you help me?

You don't download seeds. You type it in.

Piumpkins at x:-513 y:64 z:282

Pumpkins at x:-513 y:64 z:282

Pumpkins at x:-513 y:64 z:282

Pumpkins at x:-513 y:64 z:282

Pumpkins at x:-513 y:64 z:282

i typed in 1 Billion Dollars EXACTLY and i spawned in a stupid snow biome. i went in every direction and found more snow. WTF?

I just realized:
You spawn RANDOMLY! Crazy?

I also spawned on a taiga, but I went and flew (in creative) to the NPC. WOOOOO! It felt like it was 3 blocks away!

Pumpkins at x:-513 y:64 z:282


what is the seed number?

I typed this is and I spawned in some dumbass Taiga Biome, help please? Did I type it wrong or something?

what is the seed

for everyone who spawns in the taiga biome,you might have the wrong version or an update.

sorry taiga is the right place

those 'buildings' are NPC villages and that 'cavern' is a ravine!
Good seed though :D

those 'buildings' are NPC villages and that 'cavern' is a ravine!
Good seed though :D

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