Amplified spruce village at spawnSemilla de Minecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2

NOTE: MAKE SURE TO TURN WORLD TYPE 'AMPLIFIED' ON BEFORE CREATING YOUR WORLD! In this world you spawn right into a spruce wood forest surrounded by (huge) snowy mountains. In the forest is a little village. This village is part on a huge mountain. Close by is an abandoned mineshaft. (See coördinates). In this same world is another village.

Código de Semilla: -8649882919108446796

Puntos de inicio

X: 55 / Y: 83 / Z: 282


X: 153 / Y: 27 / Z: 362

huge abandoned mineshaft on these coördinates.

X: -349 / Y: 76 / Z: 220

Here is another village. As you can see on the picture part of the village is build up a mountain while the rest is at the foot of the mountain. This village has a blacksmith with in the chest: 4 obsidian, 1 iron chestplate, 5 iron, 3 bread and 1 gold.

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