just a random name i decided to type in after dinner and got a village right next to spawn with another lava lake next to it! anyway i also found that within a small radius of the village there are about 3 small ravines and 2 very large ravines. all full or iron and coal. also a field of pumpkins next to one of the larger ravines right next to spawn. i also found this place looks really nice with the small forest around the village and river next to it.

Código de Semilla: chicken helper

Puntos de inicio

X: 59 / Y: 71 / Z: 252


X: 118 / Y: 74 / Z: 274

this village was right next to spawn point great to get started at sadly no forge or wheat fields. but i think its placed great right next to a small forest on a grass land with a river on the other side of the forest.

X: 150 / Y: 69 / Z: 293

went down this cave right next to the village and leads down to a large cave system and the lava flows all the way to the lowest level so if careful could be great source of light.

X: 90 / Y: 74 / Z: 199

found this right next to spawn a very long curved ravine full of resources and a pumpkin field next to it.

X: -445 / Y: 64 / Z: 442

this is the strong hold location it took a quick look and found it very large. plus its not that far from the spawn, you spawn on grass land opposite ti the grassland is small jungle and on the other side a desert its on the shore line just dog straight down from coordinates

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awesome :p

bloody awesome

Really it won't work on my computer :'(

it cool

I found diamonds somewhere in the trenches and make sure to check both trenches.

very scenic and pretty, it looks european to me. and I don't mean the texture set he used.

nice! I found a seed like that once!

super awesome dude, loved jumping down the ravines

also what is your texture pack bro? it looks awesome

its jolicraft

I like it!
*thumbs up*

What is the texture pack? its amazing please tell me('_')

Great seed! The texture pack is Jolicraft.


<br />

It's good for starter playing. The only thing I don't like is that there are rare cacti. I want some cacti for defense when I am mining.

It`s just PERFECT!!!
The BEST one for underground and surface ADVENTURES! For resourses! And arrows in knees (of monsters)!

Giving you some coordinates!

Firstly, this ravine at x: 90 | y: 74 | z: 199. (mentioned in description).
It has LOTS of coal and iron! Recommend to head directly there when you obtain your pickaxe.
And you`ll find a lovely tree down there. :)

Also, you have to check out another ravine at x: 192 | y: 64 | z: 199.
It`s way bigger than previous one and gives you the entrance to the coolest cave system you`ve ever seen!
A lot of passages are interconnected, so you can take left path on the start and return back from the right one! (after hours of exploring)

Don`t miss the zombie spawner underground!
x: 191 | y: 53 | z: 140
Packed with two chests.

Look for a huge underground ravine, as well!
x: 226 | y: 44 | z: 121
Come here for gold ore, coal and water with lava. (Which, of course, means Obsidian!)

Don`t forget to explore the whole system for a lot of interesting stuff and DIAMONDS! Or just have a great walk on the surface and meet the lava lake, islands, cliffs and landscapes.

Good luck, adventurer!
And sorry for such a big post :)

Three people can't mine in a ravine or a cave.

You might have one of the nicest comments on a seed ive seen yet :) im sure your comment made agentrex smile :) Its glad to know there are some nice people on here.

Great seed! While exploring some of the ice mountains, i found a stronghold while looking through 1 of the tunnels.

im glad to see everyone enjoys this seed(mostly everyone) i just got my computer back after not being online for a few months i was surprised at how many views this has

Call me stupid but where do you find what the seed is ;P

sorry never been on this website bfore ;(

its the name of the seed chicken helper

0.0 Where is the seed?

This seed is, no joke, exactly what i wanted for my server spawn.

Ssssssssso cccccccccoooooooollllllllllll

i have no idea why so many like this it is not even a big thing here

how come when i log in, the blocks dont look like the screen shots?

What is that texture pack! D: I want it (If it works for 1.3.1)!!!

Made an account just to say thanks for this great map. I've been looking for a well situated village map for survivor without all of the free diamonds and what not.

Also I found the coords for the End Portal:
641 | 27 | 310

nice seed BUT I DONT CARE what the point of it pls awser

This seed is the best one i found. bit of info for you guys. just outside town there is a small cave at X 136 Z 305, follow it down to X132 Y 53 Z 323then start mining down and to the right. When you get to exactly X 132 Y 11 Z 366 dig to the right again, a short ways in you will find a massive cavern system i have yet to fully explore. the first 10 minutes in there i came out with 12 diamonds and tonnes of other ore. well worth the dig to get to it. oh yea, bring a bucket of water for all the nasty lava around there and enjoy the spoils!

Loooooooove this seed!
There is end portal room at x: -450 y: 27 z: 450

What are the spawn coordinates?