GEORGE OF THE JUNGLESemilla de Minecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2

Aw yeah! I'm back! More seeds! Since I am now a admin, I can have instant upload so more seeds faster! Spawning you on a shoreline,under a tree. going back a little is a jungle biome right off the river! Dungeons, amazing cave systems, diamonds, and jungle biome awaits :)

Código de Semilla: GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE

Puntos de inicio

X: 172 / Y: 64 / Z: 148


X: 101 / Y: 63 / Z: -92

Cave system. Pond in the jungle right behind this, and tall trees near by. Perfect place to build your base in this epic jungle biome! Following this cave system leads you to a ravine, iron, and coal. I haven't gone too deep into it, but my diamond senses are off the chart!

X: 168 / Y: 85 / Z: 83

The jungle biome its self. If you go straight, and you see it stop to a desert, don't worry. I thought it ended there then I found a place just next to the desert that is 2x the size of the other jungle section :D New game: Spot the ocelot!

X: -153 / Y: 20 / Z: -3

Fine. Don't like the other places? Want diamond + better cave system? Well, this is your chance. This is south of the jungle biome in a "Exteme hill" biome. Yeah, sorry. That is only one diamond block :( But trust me, there is tons of more diamond in this cave system. Don't belive me? Check screenshots. (x -115, y 14, z 20)

X: 146 / Y: 36 / Z: 0

Dungeon! Woot! 2 Epic cave systems, 1 epic jungle biome, 1 dungeon, 7 diamonds, what more do you want me to show you? Anyways, this is a dungeon. I actually found this while digging up from location 3. The spawner type is: Spider Chest contains: 4 Wheat, 1 bread, 4 redstone, 3 gunpowder, and 1 cocoa bean

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its good but when i found out all animals have AI i pissed my pants

zomg i found 50 diamonds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Awwwwwesome lol I found about 62 diamonz . I didn't even know that many could spawn :D

YAY. you made another seed. ^^

what is the texture pack?


love the seed and texture pack :)

awesome, awesome, awesome!!


Waht is the seed name?

*Correction* What*

the seed is always the title of the page.

what the seed mang

nice texture pack

What is the texture pack used in the pictures, i wanna download it