Jackpot Village and Multiple Revenes!!Semilla de Minecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2

This seed will spawn you in a nicely filled plains area not far from a village and two revenes! And one
of them is a double revene!

In the blacksmith's chest, you'll find it jam packed with 6 pieces of bread, 1 iron sword, 8 iron ingots,
2 gold ingots and 4 diamonds! Right next to the village, you'll find a revene. But not far from there
there's a revene thats so deep that another revene actually spawns underneath it! And there are diamonds
out in the open! But beware, there is a LOT of lava and water everywhere. So be careful.

Oh and there's also an oak tree on the edge of a cliff...


Village : -650 / 72 / 619

1st Revene : -702 / 69 / 544

Double Revene : -572 / 65 /465

Cliff Tree : -584 / 112 / 878

Código de Semilla: 7405991772093162121

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