Geeks may recognize this seed, it's Pi times 10 to the 17th. (17 digits of pi, without the decimal point) But let's get to the point: This seed is epic. It combines two of my favorite things: snowy biomes and mountains. This 100-block-high mountains, and since I said I would post more mountain seeds since my viewers seem to like them, I am posting more mountain seeds.

Código de Semilla: 314159265358979323

Puntos de inicio

X: 35 / Y: 63 / Z: 261


X: 104 / Y: 110 / Z: 356

The top of the tallest mountain in this seed. It is pretty high up (you can see by the Y axis of 110), and you can see a lot from here.

X: 62 / Y: 63 / Z: 369

The river that cuts through the two largest mountains. It has some ice in it, but it's just peaceful and serine to just look down it.

X: 208 / Y: 91 / Z: 392

The 3rd mountain, that's down the river a bit. It has 5 roses on the top of it and a "spyhole" sort of thing through the middle.

X: 128 / Y: 84 / Z: 592

A huge valley, with water coming down off the face of a mountain, down into the valley and into a small cave. A lake on one side and mountains surrounding it gives a peaceful feeling to it all.

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