Cool Beans

18,671 vistas • Mar 23, 2013

Semilla de Minecraft 1.4.7 Village Seeds

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The seed is "Cool Beans" without the ". You spawn on a hill with a desert nearby and in the desert is a village with a blacksmith and other stuff and a jungle next to the village!

Código de Semilla: Cool Beans

Puntos de inicio

X: 104 / Y: 91 / Z: 254


X: 143 / Y: 69 / Z: 542

The blacksmith has 3 diamonds, 2 apples and an iron helmet!

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creativefungiladyCool beans is pretty awesome. I started out test-playing but ended up with a full fledged game. Plenty of resources with a little exploring. I now have a list of coordinates I use quite often. A little exploring goes a long way because I have found Mine Shafts, tons of iron, a bit of gold and diamond and a nice little hut in a swamp. The hut I found by accident. Try it out: "/tp 679 73 106"


DragulaTHANK YOU SOOOO MUCH ive been lookin for an NPC for months in my world PIE!! AND THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO DIAMONDS IN PIE!!


ShadowsHillI tried this out, to see what seeds are the best, and for me, I got 3 dimonds,2apples, and an iron helmet.

Village with Blacksmith


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seed with 4 churches


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ultimate seed


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Spawn near village with woodland mansion


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Huge Abandoned Village near spawn


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Taiga village and ruined portal at spawn


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Nether Portal village house


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