An awesome survival seed, and is truly the seed if seeds. With a little bit of everything, the only thing I can't find is a mushroom biome... But there probably really is one! Sorry I don't have any coordinates for the biomes, but you can truly find it all if you just explore a while! The perfect seed for someone who wants to fo all nomadic survival!

Código de Semilla: TheSeedOfSeeds

Puntos de inicio

X: -217 / Y: 67 / Z: 191


X: 0 / Y: 0 / Z: 0

Just another beautiful scene from the mysterious Extreme Hills biome, extracted from an area nearby the spawn

Mas Semillas de Minecraft 1.5 - 1.5.2

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Hey there, try and hit F1 before you take pictures next time! Thanks for the uploads. ~ Admin

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