Spawn within 200 blocks of a village with a desert temple in the middle of it. Literally in some of the houses. I haven't explored the world much aside from that, just thought the glitch lovers would love this.

Notes: Large biomes must be turned on. Spawn point is in the water with the beach/desert within sight.

Código de Semilla: 6729578902092331842

Puntos de inicio

X: -360 / Y: 49 / Z: -362


X: -350 / Y: 64 / Z: -200

Desert temple inside of a village

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do you know that if you blow up the tnt in the temple there is a ravine and under the ravine there is a stronghold

Confirmed Stronghold, found a corner of it at x-365 y22 z-227. Part of it was intermingled with an abandoned mine shaft. I didn't go through all the chests, but I did check a dungeon down there and found 3 records. Also, one of the villagers up top can be used to trade for ender pearls, though I'm not positive that's something that you always get with a seed or if it's random.

I can't seem to find the cords to the portal room, though.

the strong hold is ramdom

Found the portal room, x-485 y27 z-176

does it work on xbox 360?? because i have minecraft on it. :) THANKS!!!

Can u use a kindle???

That looks so fun

wow is that you alex i'm joey lee weems

can i join your server

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