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Código de Semilla: herobrine can suck it

FTB-only seed, creates 2 desert villages South/SouthEast of spawn -- the first in should be in view of the spawn point.

Only works with the following FTB packs:

* Horizons
* Magic World 2

It does not cause villages to be near the spawn with

* Vanilla Minecraft 1.6.x
* FTB Magic Farm2

I believe the mod that causes the villages to appear near the spawn is Farsiders, but it could be a combination of the other world-gem changing mods in Horizons/Magic World 2

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Puntos de inicio

X: -221 / Y: 6 / Z: 2


X: 176 / Y: 80 / Z: 300

Fairly large desert village - contains a Thaumcraft Tower (with chest), an Apothecary, and a Myst writing desk, among other attractions.

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um wheres the seed?????

The seed is the title

Where is the seed

The seed is the title for this one. You can always see the code by looking at the Seed Code, which is right below the top picture.

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