This is an interesting seed to check out, or what I call "The Super Stronghold" seed

You'll first spawn in a Forest biome, but the fun part of the seed is in the Savanna biome

This has a stronghold which you can access with little mining and digging with a bunch of ravines exposing some gold and diamond ores.

This stronghold is a very unique to check out.
Including the End Portal room's entrance is on the side of the room rather than the front which is very unusual.

It's not just the stronghold which makes this seed unique, it's also all the ravines that are stacked together, which makes this seed a "One of a kind".

Código de Semilla: -992658124196848372

Puntos de inicio

X: 251 / Y: 62 / Z: 252


X: -68 / Y: 64 / Z: 868

This is where the fun begins, you'll be above a dungeon that contains:

2 iron ingots
7 strings
2 saddles
1 "13" music disk
2 "Cat" music disks
1 nametag
3 wheat
1 iron bucket (which can be quite useful in this seed).

Make sure you are at least prepared because once you dig down, you'll be going in a Zombie dungeon, and once done, mine west from this location and keep mining and following the cave until you get to a ravine.

X: 0 / Y: 38 / Z: 800

This is along the side in the ravine (not in route to the stronghold, but worth checking out).

This is a Spider dungeon that contains quite a bit of stuff:

8 gunpowders
4 redstone
1 bread
2 nametags
2 saddles
1 iron horse armor
1 gold horse armor
7 strings
1 iron bucket
1 "Cat" music disk

X: -59 / Y: 13 / Z: 818

This is the enterence to the stronghold which had a bunch of interesting things in it.

The stronghold has 4 chests scattered around that contains iron pickaxes, iron leggings, a gold horse armor and some apples.

X: -6 / Y: 25 / Z: 779

This is one of the libraries that contain 4 enchanted books with Fire Protection III, Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III on the bottom floor. But be careful, the floor has a lava pool

X: -64 / Y: 19 / Z: 774

This is a dungeon (with a skeleton spawner) that is inside the stronghold, it contains:

4 gunpowder
1 bread
6 wheats
4 iron ingots

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