the reason they made lady gagaSemilla de Minecraft 1.7.2 - 1.7.9

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There is a mega taiga with alot of podzol with podzol, a lava pool, and river near spawning area. you spawn on the edge of a river, plain, taiga, and mega taiga. there are extreme hills, sunflower plains, more rivers, and pumpkin patches. with groups of animals on the plain. the mountain also has a cave with 2 tunnels and they go through the mountain and one has another cave at the end. the other has more caves. its just caves with caves that have caves

Código de Semilla: the reason they made lady gaga

Puntos de inicio

X: 249 / Y: 71 / Z: 196
X: 251 / Y: 70 / Z: 180
X: 254 / Y: 71 / Z: 193


X: 628 / Y: 97 / Z: 531

Here is a massive hole through extreme hill with water still going down.

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