Very Easy Survival Seed

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Semilla de Minecraft 1.9 Survival Seeds

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Tons of animals will welcome you on your first spawn, so you will not have to worry about food.
Horses will be there as well including the skeleton horse, too.

walk a little bit to find a bunch of trees to gather woods and make your first tools and equipment.

Enter any cave you find around your spawn point and dig a little bit to get easy irons and coals.

Your spawn point is on a plains next to the desert, walk a little bit along the river, you will find THREE desert temples located not so far from your spawn point.

There are two villages next to your place where you can loot for beetroots, potatoes and carrots.

dig a little deeper around your spawn point and you will find a huge mine shaft which connected to a huge crack where you can find some obsidians and diamonds easily.

Be careful, Endermen will spawn near your spawn point and the witch will patrol your location sometimes.

here's the location:
x: -34 y: 68 z: 364

nearest desert temples:
1. x: -168 z: 216
2. x: 152 z: 312
3. x: -229 z: 554

nearest villages:
1. x: 232 z: 520
2. x: 168 z: 8

if you plan to travel through the world, the villages, temples and Ocean monuments will be located close enough to each other. Have fun!

Código de Semilla: -2237030516060064483

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