This seed will spawn u next to 2 iron, and near a rather large group of trees, alot of sand, near water, andbehind the stone wall behind the iron,there is a good sized heap of coal.

the preview picture is what i call,
"when god punched into a mountain"

Código de Semilla: how to survive.


X: 0 / Y: 65 / Z: 0

the spawn location

X: -68 / Y: 75 / Z: -75

end of the overhanging cliff on the other side of the mountain next to the spawn

Mas Semillas de Minecraft Beta 1.3 - Beta 1.7.3

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Cool seed

I like to try beta/alpha seeds on 1.1..... Sometimes it's awesome

@16kuokhc1 cool story bro. AND I DON'T WANT TO TRY IT BUT I WILL!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I will try the seed. And just cause I'm nice like this I'm gonna like it! :D


Rilax You Could say:
F*****G B******T

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