-1965058952 Minecraft 1.0.0 Seed

Seed Code: -1965058952

This intresting seed is great for survival mode ,but i have fail to find to many resource full caves. Plus it dosent have very many sites so I recomend survival mode for this seed

Spawn points

X: -249 / Y: 65 / Z: 212


X: -286 / Y: 94 / Z: 263

This little NPC village is great for farming because it has 5 farms!

X: -221 / Y: 98 / Z: 425

these small mountains overlook the sea behind it with low peaks and easy-to-climb round sides.

X: -379 / Y: 17 / Z: 508

Ruins! this place is an under ground labrinth and i found red stone and lapidus lopez! in one spot. it is in the huge cave that is described below.

X: -347 / Y: 33 / Z: 471

you will find this cave under a small island in the sea that is mabye 4 by 1 and is made of sand. it is huge and has prooved resourcful

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i have been playing on this seed for only 3 days so i haven't found every thing if u find some thing plz post what it is and location and i will post above

P.S. im the one that recomended the seed

does it work for 1.1?

since im using sp commands it easy to ''find'' things but i will tell you if i find something on my own

hey dude i found a desert biome with a montain biome next to it at x 80 y 65 z 343 its awesome

zombie dungeon at x 87 y 58 z 403 its under water so be carefull and its chests are cowered in sand

hey dude there are some giant trees in this seed

How to find cordinates?

to find cordanents hit F3 and look at the bottom

what is lapidus lopez?or labirint?maybe you mean lapis lazuli and stronghold

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