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Seed Code: -3231384455285425251

You may be familiar with the seed 'lost'. I can tell you, you are NOT lost in that seed. But in this seed, you are completely and utterly lost. You could call this just another mushroom seed. BUT IT'S NOT! THERE ARE NO TREES HERE! A more proper way to put it, is to say it's another survival island seed. That's really what it is. In my opinion this is the best mushroom island seed, because it's the only thing around, there's no swamp, no pine forest, and no trees. AND it's actually close to the spawn. The only wood around the mushroom area would be in an abandoned mine shaft, and there is indeed one! As long as you don't mind mining through stone with your bare hands, you can make a safe passage to it. Or, you could take your chances and find an opening in the ocean. Although there are a couple islands with a few trees on them. The landscape of this mushroom island is not exactly TOO extremely mountainous like that of the seed 'i dont care'. It's got moderate hills. By the way, it works in 1.2.

Spawn points

X: -133 / Y: 66 / Z: -36


X: -31 / Y: 67 / Z: -138

Mushroom Island.

X: 81 / Y: 49 / Z: -328

Abandoned Mine Shaft! This is the easiest and safest way to get there: Once at the mushroom island, at the coordinates x: 70 y: 65 z: -301, in the water, you should see a cave opening. Go down it, and once the cave comes to an abrupt stop, dig straight down (you will not fall into lava if you do), or in spiral staircase fashion (with your hands, if you have not bothered to got to the islands with trees) at the end of the cave at the coordinates x: 81 y: 49 z: -328. You should hit some coal, which you can dig though, or around if you would like to wait until you make your first pickaxe. It should be relatively safe in here, considering you're in a mushroom biome, and the cave spider spawner is a decent distance. Don't venture too far out until you are properly equipped! Watch out for the cave spiders! I hope you realize it would have been a much better, and rewarding, idea to just got to one of the tree islands. But it would be interesting for a lets play. Note: the picture is taken while inside Glowstone.

X: 95 / Y: 65 / Z: 347

Island with Tree!

X: 354 / Y: 66 / Z: -49

Tiny Archipelago of Few Trees. At least it's not the Tiny Archipelago of No Trees.

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Thanks for sharing!

Perfect for a smurfland! You can create houses in both mushrooms. Ladder up stem/stalk, build on top of browns, build a floor under the cup/red part on the red ones.

Does any one actually know what those red,white, and black bars on the coordinates are for, besides annoying the crap out of players?

Does this work in 1.2.3? Do you maybe still have this world in your saves folder so you can upload it? I really want to play this but I'm in 1.2.3 :(.

Yes, it works in 1.2 for all of those wondering. You spawn on the same island and have to follow the same coordinates for the mushroom biome. I'm not sure about anything else though.

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