-343076274153780310 Minecraft 1.0.0 Seed

Seed Code: -343076274153780310

A pretty epic world I discovered randomly. (EDIT - now four villages please check comments for fourth location) Three villages fairly close together and really cool mountains.

Spawn points

Works with Minecraft 1.0.0
X: 184 / Y: 67 / Z: 255


X: 258 / Y: 81 / Z: 125

First village, quite large but no church.

X: 232 / Y: 69 / Z: -141

Second village, not as large but very close and has a nice church.

X: -517 / Y: 76 / Z: 26

This village is nice but a little farther away, you may want to use creative to check this one out. Also has nice church, etc.

X: 403 / Y: 72 / Z: -256

Part of a large very cool range of mountains. Also some surface lava.

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BTW if all this was not enough I found yet another small village soon afterwards. Its located at x = -348;y = 69;z = 554.

i cant find any of the villiages

ummm i don't know what happened for u but they are there, i just wiped my mine craft to be sure, they are there
Check and make sure you typed in the right seed?
Are you on 1.0.0?

to 1234minecraft you should create a new world with this seed and make sure that you have generate buildings on

i cant find it either

I'm sorry u guys can't find them but they are there check everything:
Seed, Version(1.0.0), Generate Buildings, Mods, etc.

guys, i found the villages (2 of them) go west form spawn, when u hit hte desert, go solut into the desert, over a hill and the two villdages are right there.

Within a radius of 1024+208 from spawn, I counted 7 villages/settlements.
(bukkit, plugin worldborder, MCMap Live)
This looks like a candidate for my multi-world universe. Thanks.

P.S.: a "worldborder fill" to r= 2048+208 shows 6 more villages

@Forticus Thanks ill have to check that out

i like this seed it has 4 npc villages! it is awesome try it if u havent!

go to the end

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