958031277 Minecraft 1.0.0 Seed

Seed Code: 958031277

So this is kind of a survival Island with only one tree. I said kind of because the main land is not too far away.

Spawn points

X: -10 / Y: 67 / Z: 201


X: -7 / Y: 64 / Z: 237

The lone tree.

X: -171 / Y: 64 / Z: 206

The main land. You can really see the Ice-Chunks, this will probably be removed in the first bugfixes.

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cool, I always liked survival island, its cool to have seeds for it now.

@Admin, I found a seed in 1.9 pre 6, "404" which is really awesome, but because there already is a 404 I can't post it, could I just say it's like "404 (1.9 pre 6)" or something, making it clear that it's just "404"?

This is a very fun map I downloaded it and it's been a little challenging to find coal but it's still cool :)

Sorry just realized I didn't download the map because you can't and I was being stupid and wasn't thinking

Instantly blocked the water off flowing into the ravine. Insulted my sense of aesthetics :)
Other than that, nice seed! Shame there's no coal, though. Let's see how long I can survive!

I love the snow biome but i need pumpkins for snowmen but it is still a great seed

any diamonds?

Wats the seed?

Whats the seed name called?

is there even any coal?

i did this seed but wen i got to the mainleand there was no snow at all, can someone explain this?

This is Great But For Some Reason it Wouldn't Go NightFall

i found coal at

there is also more in the small deungeon

actually its more like a coal mine there are TONS of it!!!!!

found redstone at
hope this all helps

i found a dungeon w/ a spider spawner and a GOLDEN APPLE in one of the cests at

Awesome! A ravine in a island.

Don't block the water running in it, you can just swim down and up in it.

I like dungoen and stronghold seeds

i found coal on x:7 y:53 z:173

If you cant find coal, use the wood blocks and burn them into charcoal using planks as a fuel. Though you might wanna craft a wooden pick with a crafting table forst to get resources for a furnace. ^^

i have found the real main land with normal mountains and forests. to find it go the other way from the snow land till u find a small swamp then go left till u see a small island with 1 tree go up and left a little more and u should see it

i found coal at
z206(warning:do not teleport to here for there will be a game crash(probably))
this is great for survival islanders cause you don't need to leave the island for coal
(oh wait, you can burn wood (with a furnace) and make charcoal)

and there is a load of coal there (read the comment below to understand)

there was a total of 9 coal

I found a stronghold in a cave near the place I found coal
I started a mine near the coal and just went down fell in lava and died
I went back, and then found a cave right next to the lava-fall and digger around the gravel (couse it was making so much noise ) and found stronghold! (Warning cover up entrance and goto the left side of the stronghold to find a chest with 4 gold ingots 7 melon seeds and 14 coal) and I also found a lava pool and if you mine on the right side of it, there is redstone( the lava pool is next to the gravel area ) the stronghold entrance is at
and there is also whole load of gold and iron ingots there in the strong hold
I am still exploring

I have to go to bed
will continue exploring tomorrow morning

Found 3 Diamond at
x: 28
y: 9
z: 203

I was in the ravine digging straight down till I hit bedrock and then I branched out to the left and found it. If you can't find it ill try and "refind" the place.

Found 4 Diamond at

Found 5 Diamond at

Found 6 Diamond at

it is near the cluster of 4 in my previous comment

I mean there was a mineshaft, not a stronghold. Its big and i found a whole load of iron, lapis lazuli, coal, and GOLD!!!! read my other comment to understand. And there is also blocked ways by gravel but dig through them. I also found a whole load of spider spawners (actually 2 so far) and web all over the spawners! It's cool

Hay dose any one know a seed with a HUGE npc village i have been trying to find one but i cant find any! :(

I was doing a 2nd survival island on this island and found whole load of coal(about 12) at
it was right under my dirt house!

Just tried it on MC 1.1 and it works...

Not a good seed. The creator should feel ashamed

can u get apples from dat tree???
ders no animals so how r we gona get food?

just get saplings 4 mor trees.
dats how i get lots of wood.

i like it

abandoned mine under the ravine

great seed! thanks!

First time I loaded this seed, MC crashed. Then it worked in 1.4.6

Hope this helps :)

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