ahcrap Minecraft 1.0.0 Seed

Seed Code: ahcrap

a seed where you just go forward, past the pigs, and you find a npc village. it has 3+ farms. so now u dont have to go through all that waiting for food. and also has some pigs. a nice village to live in

Spawn points

X: -151 / Y: 67 / Z: 220


X: -171 / Y: 70 / Z: 72

it is an npc village. it has a few pigs and others so you can eat and all. not too epic

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funny but cool seed I love villages but love to kill villagers >:3

@Mattjosh1 lol so mean but i agree

No visible ravine... Ah, crap

I cant understand the texture pack.
Its a no from me. :-(

if i go forward it leeds me to a jungal and ill problobly get lost i dont know what to do :(

i cant find the village i dont like it

I only live in NPC villages so i like this seed

i dont like it i cant find anything interesting

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