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Seed Code: cake

You will spawn in an area with lots of trees, but a short walk from your spawn point takes you to a cave which is the entrance to a massive system of mines.

You're going to find a ton of iron and coal from the outset - which will help you when you go to the co-ordinates I've posted to dig out the gold and diamonds.

You can find gold at the locations I've posted in my screenshots below :)

There is also easy-to-mine Obsidian and an easily reachable dungeon with 2 small chests.

Enjoy! :)


X: -302 / Y: 64 / Z: -182

This is the cave entrance

X: -304 / Y: 12 / Z: -137

Obsidian for all your portal needs!

X: -364 / Y: 14 / Z: -119

Diamonds are here!

You will find more diamonds at:

x: -325
y: 16.6
z: -130

I mined a total of 7 diamonds just by exploring - I'm sure there's more to be discovered!

X: -331 / Y: 18 / Z: -114

Dungeon is here complete with two small chests.

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what texture pack?

Cake my favret

I spawned in a snow biom

I can not find the cave?

I can not find the cave?

the diamonds arent hard to get this seed isnt anything special but still prety cool

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