castle Minecraft 1.0.0 Seed

Seed Code: castle

This seed has an amazingly large cavern and ravine combined. Im sure there are hours of mining ahead of you here :D ! Loads of Iron, Coal, Gold and even DIAMONDS!


X: -111 / Y: 95 / Z: 228

Hmmm... good spot for a castle? :P

X: -207 / Y: 75 / Z: 338

Entrance to giant cave.

X: -276 / Y: 13 / Z: 339


X: -232 / Y: 14 / Z: 349

More Diamonds!!! (And look around the corner for even more.)

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Epic havent seen the cave in the pic yet but its so epic make more seeds

also how close to spawn is the cave

@minecraftkittys it is quite close to spawn head just over the mountain

nice try it now

I can't get out of the jungle. D:

You never did tell us, how many diamonds are there?

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