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Minecraft 1.0.0 Seed Island Seeds

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A fen, a height, and heat all in one package. This seed is just plain aweseome featuring floating blocks/islands, majestic mountains, a lovely swamp, and roving desert. Pick your poison and enjoy! Many easy to get resources. Number Seed is 1263623961

Seed Code: CobaltJebMinecraft

Spawn points

X: 216 / Y: 66 / Z: 256


X: 339 / Y: 120 / Z: 271

The beginning of the mountain regions from the swamp to the right of the intial spawn. Cooler Mountains as you go on see other locations.

X: 332 / Y: 65 / Z: 338

A small rich iron and coal mine deep within the bowls of the swamp.

X: 525 / Y: 95 / Z: 253

Two falls of water and one of fire. These mountains have tons of these types of locations and have a lot of fire falls too.

X: 226 / Y: 61 / Z: 334

A small shallow ravine filled with some coal kinda interesting.

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seedbearerWhen I first came into this seed I was like whatever. But then I turned and saw the first mountain. After that the mountains just got cooler and cooler. The desert is another bonus.2nd uploaded seed I really did a fine job if i do say so myself. :)


seedbearerMob spawn at 124.6296339647979 35.62000000476837 428.3312436332241
KEEP/Dungeon at 251.5720327990761 76.62000000476837 996.9739874392656 past a pine forest in the middle of a regular forest by a tree (need to dig)


phantomminerwell i have seen alot better the mounains are cool but i have found a seed with almost all of the biomes in one location


MrMovick123I made a fancy temple on the mountain. It is awesome.

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