HellandBack Minecraft 1.0.0 Seed

Seed Code: HellandBack

This is about the most interesting world ever.
Iv'e seen worlds with vast mountains, or long ass deserts, or cold snowy environments or flat planes.
Well. this map brings all these biomes together into one area.
Yes, All 3 Biomes in one area. Snow, Desert, Forrest , and the flat lands biomes.

Spawn points

X: 165 / Y: 765 / Z: 401


X: 164 / Y: 72 / Z: 391

Welcome to the Desert Biome. as you can see it borders the Forrest biome.

X: 105 / Y: 86 / Z: 74

This is the Desert biome and Forrest biome, bordering the planes biome.

X: 22 / Y: 78 / Z: 377

This is the Forrest biome bordering the desert, and the mountain biome bordering the snowy biome while it also borders the desert biome.

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I lick the seed :) Do my seed it is Mojang it works in 1.0 in the cave it has 19 dimonds! :O

is threre a npc villeg

im not sure if there are any NPC Villages near the spawn point. but ill be sure to edit the seed once i find and npc village.

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