Inuyasha Minecraft 1.0.0 Seed

Seed Code: Inuyasha

You spawn in the middle of a forest with lots of birch trees around. There is a desert on one side of the forest and ocean on the other. If you walk through the forest a little ways, you find multiple openings to a massive cave with plenty of iron, gold, lapis lasuli, diamonds and obsidian. Once in, leave markers because it is extensive and you can easily get lost.

Spawn points

Works with Minecraft 1.0.0
X: -118 / Y: 73 / Z: 182


X: -51 / Y: 13 / Z: -102

diamond and redstone right next to lava
gold up "stairs"

X: -39 / Y: 18 / Z: -18

lava pools, block off water for obsidian
(there is lava underneath most obsidian blocks, so be careful.
start with ones directly under where the water flow was)

X: -59 / Y: 22 / Z: -132

beautiful waterfalls leading to more lava and obsidian

X: -63 / Y: 17 / Z: -141

more lava, obsidian and diamonds (5 diamonds,
careful last diamond is on top of lava)

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