lost Minecraft 1.0.0 Seed

Seed Code: lost

You spawn in a mushroom biome, just swim to the next island to see even more.

Spawn points

X: 224 / Y: 67 / Z: 250


X: -86 / Y: 76 / Z: 270


X: 232 / Y: 67 / Z: 267

More Mushrooms! (and Mooshrooms)

X: 47 / Y: 13 / Z: 291

Obsidian everywhere. There's even more that you can't see in this image.

X: 13 / Y: 33 / Z: 266

In an abandoned mine under the mushroom biome there is a chest with iron, redstone lapis lazuli and melon seeds.

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ahem.............I already put this here or is it being promoted?

kind of.. Some Seeds from the prereleases work in 1.0.0 as well so I decided to add those again for 1.0.0 so rhat the users know.

When I used this seed I ended up in a place with huge mushrooms and red cows with mushrooms on their back. :/

This is just, Wow What is with the Trees and Cows how Do they Do that Stuff?

v just remember I posted it 1st :P

I'm not sure how I feel about this seed... It's sort of interesting, but very strange. I'm not a huge fan of the mushroom biome (which is probably in part due to my texture pack) so I prefer seeds with mountains, deserts, tundra, etc. But I gues if you like mushrooms, you'll like this one.

were is the freaking coal!! i cant find any on the big mushroom island

dungeon at cords
it has iron a saddle wheat redstone and 2 buckets

and a zombie spawner

anouther one at

1 of the chests has a golden apple in it!

At the brown mushrooms I build like treehouses and stuff.

What's the seed?

how do you make this diamond sign up there?


woah...thats all i can say just...woah

hello I need help I want to post my 20th seed and it's called "1" and said its already been posted when I dont see a one. HALP

Lost is awesome! How do download it onto your account?

pretty cool

i have found a island in a seed filled with diamond if u dig deep enough every kind of animal in the game lava lakes water lakes a gigantic forest hanging cliffs flouting platforms and they r huge a weird tree circled with pumpkins

whoever wants to post this seed on the website i think i got it here but the seed is the Mojang Seed the best cordinates the ones i was talking about is x:149 y:96 z:492 (3rd highset point)

It's awsomely awsome!!!!!!!

i found the mine shaft but when i started digging down i found coal alot of coal then after i dug 10 blocks down more coal the a few more blocks down and i found more coal then i found the mine shaft

absolutely wicked seed but admin... do you know where any diamonds are on the mainland (next to swamp)?

a very neat seed. im not a fan of the mushroom biomes either but its still pretty cool. i just found two dungeons right next to each other in the mineshaft!

Epic! :D Someone needs to make a smurf village in it!

OMG this seed is perfect for me! =D there is so muck lapis, gold and iron.
I have played for 30 mins and i have 13 gold,28 redstone,63 lapis,18 iron and 4 full stacks of coal. AMAZING!

Make that 21 iron <3

Zombie spawner at

i don't know if i'm blind or something, but where does it tell you the seed numbers?

found an underwater ravine off od one of the islands

lol look at the cartograph map. CHUNK ERROR! btw thumbs upped. i never knew there was another island lol that helps!

I wish there was a big npc village seed with treasure in each one of them. :/

Sorry I get hyper.


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