MakeATrenchHa Minecraft 1.0.0 Seed

Seed Code: MakeATrenchHa

You will spawn in an area with lots of trees. And one trench. But not just any trench. Its a trench that is the entrance to a cave system that is connected with other underground trenches and caves and lavalakes and so on. Do you remember the seed "Mojang" from version 1.3-1.73?
This one comes very close regarding the amount of ore you will find here. It's downright impossible to walk around and not find tons of iron , cole and so on. And with the information given below, it's very easy to find around 15 diamonds!
Ckeck it out. Seed was found by Layna.

Spawn points

X: 228 / Y: 70 / Z: 215


X: 200 / Y: 50 / Z: 237

The super duper trench. One does not simply walk in there and gets out with no diamonds. or ore.

X: 143 / Y: 13 / Z: 270

Six diamonds, waiting for you to pick them up.

X: 140 / Y: 14 / Z: 227

Diamonds eyerywhere.
For more, check (171|14|280) and (241|13|267)

X: 242 / Y: 24 / Z: 307

The amount of iron in this seed is too damn high!!

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Youre totally right.
Fixed it.

wat tex pack is that?

whats the IP

you gotta tell me what texture pack your usin there!!

I fald 1 diond

I faald 1 more rave

Very nice seed - thank you for sharing :)

i couldnt find any diamonds and i played that for a week :(

This is Doku Texture Pack yes?

yep, it the doku craft-the saga continues light texture pack.

I think is yogcast tex pac

I found a underground mine in this map!

Thats a ravine. New feature as of 1.8 update. I found 1 underneath my spawnpoint on another world. The bottom was filled with lava.

i found like around 25-35 diamonds this is a good stragity use same seed in creative mode and tnt in trench then when you find diamonds press f3 and write the coodornates it easy traval lite because u may fall in lava also carry a compass always on long trips i have a clock compasss full diamond iorn gold leather armor 10 diamond swords and other stuff hope this helps

dimond coords
x=385 y=13 z=313 about 5 or 6 diamonds
x=350 y=12 z=346 4 diamonds

there are more but i dont want to spoil
bye :) (this map kicks **** awsome great work hope u come up with more great maps like this)

Once i figured out a way of getting to the bottom of the ravine without dying, I found an entrance to a second ravine. I move to the left, and I say "Holy S***, Gold!!!"

village directly behind spawn point but you have to walk for a LONG time. it's basically the first thing you see when you come to the dessert biome

also right before the village there is a huge deposit underwater of obsidian .... but watch how you mine it

Stronghold is under a swamp at the coordinates:
x 1012
y 31.6
z 244

Severely cut into by a mineshaft, so lots of it is distorted, gonna need to do alot to search all of it. Happy hunting!


and i tried to look for the strong hold but failed because i ended up in the water

Coal not Cole

lots of diamonds! +1

Why can't I find the darn seed code!?

Found 19 DIAMOND. I <3 YOU.

where is the seed, i cant find it, can someone wright it in det comments section or something, cus i think this seed looks awesome :D

nice seed youve got there

whats that texture pack? its really cool

DokuCraft - The saga continues


how do you find the code

this seed is awesome!!!!! so many diamonds!!!!!! My Precious

ok whats the f****** seed code and some better awnser me!

NVM sry

Also totaly cant find wher the seed is >< Mabey its the lack of alcohol though o.o

the seed code is MakeATrenchHa

I love this seed and thats an under statement!!!!!!!

Please tell me, could I find snow somewhere?

Is there any sugar cane on this map.

I found snow at X:427 Y:69 Z:315

the texture pack hes useing is dukocraft i ahve it too

i did this and i spawned in a biome full of snow.... SNOW!

snow and a giant hole. who don't like it?

This seed is awesome!!!!!I found 15 diamonds under 10 minutes

i put "MakeATrenchHa" as the world seed using x-ray texture pack and found a abandoned mine shaft (dungeon? stronghold???) is this the right one? i found lots of iron coal and gold.

This is awesome! I like that you put coordinates to diamond, but there isn't an NPC village.

it didnt work

nevermind the coordinates to the big ravine(trench) are wrong i teleported to them it took me underground but now ive been playing it ALOT!! its awesome seed! and also up there^^^^ for the first gold coordinates right across the ravine from where the gold is there is one EMERALD! :O lol the coordinates are x:203 y:20 z:297

and more gold at x:252 y:21 z:278 and more at second gold coordinates up there^^^ but behind you across ravine u can see it behind some gravel

yes im gonna comment on every rare ores lol in fact
there is 2 more emeralds at coordinates x: 181 y:21 z:291 one is right in front of u and other is across ravine again lol

oh my god lol more emeralds theres one or more(dunno yet) at the last coordinates down there i just posted vvvvv look up right and there emeralds :D

more emeralds lol i hope i dont get in trouble for all these x:238 y:22 Z:299

lots of gold x:178 y:18 z:282

emerald x:132 y:15 z:273

lapis lazuli x:112 y:25 z:296
gold x:106 y:25 z:311
along the way of this cave i found the dungeon mentioned up there^^^ and not spoiling what type c:
two more emeralds x:158 y:16 z:241
emerald: x:132 y:15 z:265 with lapis and alot of coal emerald is under little drop where water goes lapis above and coal behind you and alot of obsidian

i made map of the region its full if anyone wants to see it ask me on twitter click me username on here follow me tweet on my page and tell me to follow u back if i havent and i will tweet the picture of the map on your page if u dont feel like all the swimming and walking and swimming and swimming lol feel free anybody :)

what texture pack did u use?!

i found another dungeon same type as given but this one has more items and very close to surface here are the coordinates x:609 y:70 z:170 i went back some and recorded coordinates so u wouldnt like be mauled if you teleport there :) ur welcome... but u can walk too its within the extreme hills biome i prefer tp tho and be prepared :) enjoy

the texture pack is dokucraft the saga continues i know i have that texture pack and it he says it in description down there vvvvvvvv

u can find it on planetminecraft.com forgot to put that lol

I put this into xbox360 with the updated version and looks like this seed works there too!

How do you download the seed?

what is the seed ip

Cool texture pack! I think it's doku craft, Foalan. You are welcome

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