SpLAt Muk

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Minecraft 1.0.0 Seed Village Seeds

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Spawned around X: -171 Z:259
Theres a large forest, a dessert nearby with a strange flat area big enough for your first house, with space for a farm and expansion. Theres a small flooded NPC village nearby (X:67 Z:238). There is an EXPOSED dungeon slightly beyond the NPC village X:260 Z:157 . The dessert sports a few large-house sized flat areas and a 2nd NPC village. To the south of 1st NPC, as well as an intrigueing tall mountain area X:165 Z:1117
The area has several earth shelves.

Seed Code: SpLAt Muk

Spawn points

X: -171 / Y: 50 / Z: 259


X: 67 / Y: 0 / Z: 238

A small, half flooded NPC village beside a little sand cliff

X: 260 / Y: 0 / Z: 157

An exposed dungeon with a chest, not far off from the NPC village

X: 275 / Y: 0 / Z: -340

More tall mountains and some floating islands, also interesting canyons

X: -165 / Y: 0 / Z: 71

A large and flat area, perfect for giant buildings, a small castle, and the area is workable to make more flat space.

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hellfrozensoulThe name...
The word splat was on my mind, and Muk (the pokemon) is a thing that goes splat. Some random pattern of Capitals that I felt fit right, the the world before me actually seemed quite decent. Some exploration and voila.
Also, there is a stronghold that is a small adventure away from the spawn point.


CorwinNThis seeds is awesome the NPC village is awesome
i just cant wait to explore More!!! (:


superbanyat24I found another village at x:407.91 y:149.24


kinho77how i can use this seed? i mean in a server?


adminOpen your server.properties file with notepad and copy paste "SpLAt Muk" to "level-seed"


shockCan somebody add a seed for me? the name is Santa Santa Satin


phantomminerawesome seed


hellfrozensoulThere are I believe 4? NPC villages within the general radius of the spawnpoint.
If you travel the desert you will find 2 or 3 sets of interesting mountains.
The desert itself has some good building areas.


sorsastaja35I found a cave entrance in the desert at x:-99 and z 192.


Pielover19Mother of God, what are these graphics T.T


hellfrozensoulIt's failure to maintain the aspect ratio when uploading the picture. *shrugs* it's my first upload, sue me.

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