Trololo Minecraft 1.0.0 Seed

Seed Code: Trololo

Trololo is basically the perfect christmas Seed, it's a giant snow biome with some Minecraft 1.0.0 bugs.
Watch the video to find a stronghold!!


X: 154 / Y: 66 / Z: -150

A lava lake in the middle of this snow biome that's (due to a bug in 1.0.0) hidden by a snow plane.

X: 214 / Y: 67 / Z: -462

A lava lake that crosses a rivers' flow. It has never been easier to get obsidian, just destroy that ice block.

X: 429 / Y: 114 / Z: -388

Random flying stuff.

X: 164 / Y: 74 / Z: -100

Giant hole in the ground that will take you down to 23 blocks above Bedrock

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This is my favorite seed so far. I've used it to create several worlds, both multiplayer and single player. It's a massive snow biome, which is tons of fun around Christmastime living in a place where I never get snow. Plus there are tons and tons of caves with ore EVERWHERE!!! I found a vein of coal about 60 blocks from the spawn point that had 43 coal in one continuous vein!!! Can't wait to explore more! :)

It would be nice if I knew how to download it...

figured it out.

figured it out.

What texture pack is this? It's very nice.

We use the texture pack DokuCraft - The saga continues 1.9pre4 light

I love DokuCraft!

Its a pretty awesome place and where I live there's lot's of snow and after I got this seed I changed my skin to a winter jacket

thanks for the seed, really needed an easy stronghold one :)

at x -712 y 33 z 212 there is a dungeon If ound in a cave, dont forget to add that.

Why throwing dragon eyes?

the eyes of ender zoom towards the stronghold so if you follow them u can find the stronghold

Another dungeon at x:-16 y:46 z:-30

new here... how do i download it? thanks!

The Seed is the Name, just Ctrl + c then Ctrl + V it into the seed slot, Trololo is the seed


I see a village in a desert, far corner of the map.

its funny. "it has never been easier to get obsidian" well yeah but you need a diamond pickaxe lol


im new here how can i make a seed/seed world?


uhhhhhmmmmmmm yum yum I eat your ass

Found abandoned mine at x260 y15 z524

ther is alsumnes evrywer :D

sory im not good at typing

I wrote my last comment on here probably two months ago, and I STILL play this seed more than any other. It's almost perfect! The snow biome is a ton of fun, but if you don't enjoy that, there's a forest and a desert exactly 1 day's walk from the spawn point. I built a house on the spawn point and a refuge between the forest and desert so I can just spend the night when I get there and have all day to chop wood and gather supplies. Be careful digging near the spawn point however, there are TONS of caverns that are all connected. If you can get down in it safely, you'll find a beautiful system full of ores. Good luck!

P.S. how do people take a cartograph map of these seeds? That's pretty handy. Also, does the level really just end like that or does it keep going and the maps just don't show anything past a certain point?

Worlds are infinite, they never end. Also you can get the cartographer here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/153066-cartograph-g-map-your-world-minecraft-10/

I have MC beta 1.9 pre-release 4..says it works in 1.0.0 as in that one only or everything after?
I typed in trololo into the see but it came out ENTIRELY different from this one and no snow D: I'm so sad

This Seed is for 1.0.0 Only

Is this a PC seed or a Xbox 360 seed or both?
Plz tell me

Is this a PC seed or a Xbox 360 seed or both?
Plz tell me

The maps DO end. There comes a point when you say "#&%* THIS!!! I'M SO FREAKING SICK OF EXPLORING!!!!", and then you go take out your anger on an NPC village because they did not pay tribute. But yeah, they never end :|

what is that on desert ?

the seed changed now its


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