You are a Pirate Minecraft 1.0.0 Seed

Seed Code: You are a Pirate

I found this seed by typing in random song titles. This is from a song by Alestorm (Pirate Metal). Large forests, rivers, great plains and some mountains can be found here. I have nothing more to add here. Just try it by yourself!

Spawn points

X: 252 / Y: 52 / Z: 66


X: 257 / Y: 113 / Z: 0

If you leave the forest where your spawn is, this is you will see. Plains, a mountain in the distant and a ravine.

X: 251 / Y: 185 / Z: 0

This is the ravine. If you go into it, you will find a hole in the wall which leads to another underground ravine. I still have to explore it.

X: 20 / Y: -179 / Z: 0

Oh, yes, it's this time of the year again. Winter... nothing special, really.

X: 313 / Y: 406 / Z: 0

Just a regular swamp.

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on what side of the map is the snow biome?

Just go to x: 20 | y: -179, or from the spawn point, go north. It's not hard to miss. ;)

is that mountain flat on the top???

I think that mountain is flat on top, what a retarded mountain

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