1Bloxer Minecraft 1.1 Seed

Seed Code: 1Bloxer

Spawns you near a river, u can see a giant desert with a big sand mountain, theres also a river, a lake and a mountain.. just follow the river to find the mountain.. also theres a forest :D
EDIT: guyhs if u dont like this seed, or theres something missed, dont be mad or something at me, this is my first seed here .A.

Spawn points

X: 21 / Y: 66 / Z: 27


X: 191 / Y: 63 / Z: 222


X: 317 / Y: 93 / Z: 337


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Sorry, Nothing special or breathtaking. Thumbs down.

next time use a texture pack that um i dont know lets you understand whats in the area

Nothing cool, texture pack burns my eyes, grammar stinks, thumbs down.


I can tell your new to this site, so welcome! Anyways, all titles are the seed. Like the name of this seed is "1Bloxer"

i gotta agree with FriedComputers and Atreidas. this seed isn't that great. Maybe fly around and find something cool above or under the ground...

I think there is nothing speacial about this seed until someone discovers a village, a dungeon or mineshaft' a sanctuary and what type it is. so in other words'this seed is useless for now

find something cool then you have my vote. but for now rank down.

big lava lake,whole bunch of water,and mountains awesome double the rank

look around guys! you just move one block and say its boring

It's just really average, that is all. And 1Bloxer, add this to locations: Surface dungeon: x 156 , y 70 , z 137

I'm not liking that im doing all his work, but there is a NPC village at : x 22 , y 84 , z 115

Guys this seed sucks for a lets play, but the flatness is great for building, but I have to agree this seed sucks donkey ballz thumbs down


Im sick of people saying seeds that they dont like SUCK. man its that guys first seed >:O. All im saying is that /Thumbs up

I like it.

I'm on the team who thumbs up. Really, you people who wasted their lives trying to find the best seed ever don't understand the concept of building in minecraft. Give him a break, it's his first seed and people have found some cool things. Give it a rest about thumbs downing. This seed is pretty cool.

what texture pack

Love the texture pack and nice seed for a first timer!
Guys don't be so harsh, it is his first time!
BTW what is the texture pack?

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