563608127 Minecraft 1.1 Seed

Seed Code: 563608127

Set the world type for Superflat. And the village is very near you. Whit 1 blacksmith. But you can be able to play on this seed whitout being on creative because there is saplings in the chest. this is my first try to upload an seed.

Spawn points

X: -137 / Y: 5 / Z: -278


X: -148 / Y: 6 / Z: -367

that is the chest. open it and you will find loot. not good loot, but its okay. it contains: 1 iron pick. 1 iron sword, iron chestplate, iron helm and 5 saplings.

X: 133 / Y: 10 / Z: -330

another village. whit 2 blacksmith's.

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Hello! This is nice for a first seed upload, but you should add more locations and what makes this seeds special as tons of villages are in superflat.

i didnt know what i was doing xD

Its okay, But i agree with FriedComputers.
This will be good for people who like superflat worlds with no minerals and loads of wood :3

I would like to use this but, it has no, 'special' stuff to it, such a diamonds in the black smith and maybye you should put some puntuation to you writing. But I'm not accusing you of anything. Nice job.

Can an admin help me, I have no where else to post this so, is it possible to get more locations and screenshots?

Nope, 4 is the limit for users.

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