FaceSandwichMinecraft 1.1 Seed

My 10th seed uploaded to this site! Hope you enjoy :)

This seed had a massive desert boime, a snow, and a cool forest. Why is the forest cool? Most of the trees are larger then normal and making it epic!

I've also wanted to add that I try and keep all my seed locations within the map radius from the spawn point.

Seed Code: FaceSandwich

Spawn points

X: 216 / Y: 66 / Z: 256


X: 219 / Y: 93 / Z: -139

In the snow boime, a bomb has gone off! Wait, no. This is just a epic cave in the snow (Great for a little cave to live in!) Iron and coal in the cave, within the cave! CAVECEPTION! Also a lot more caves and trees around.

X: 576 / Y: 70 / Z: 449

Surface dungeon. Right on the border of a forest. No chests, sorry. But you could make a xp grinder with it. If you want, you could possibly make your house near it or connect it with rails and just kill the skeletons that is spawns for xp and bones!

X: 78 / Y: 74 / Z: 627

Oh heck yes! That is what I thought when I found this location. Two waterfalls and desert near by. I really hope you like this location! Also, explore around it for more cool places.

X: 401 / Y: 21 / Z: 108

The most AMAZING cave system I have EVER seen. EVERY ore in the game is EXPOSED in this system (Except diamond D:). MASSIVE lava lake near by too! If you don't think that every ore is exposed, I will give the coordinates of EVERY ore that is exposed in this cave system. See the screenshots for the lava lake, and the thumbnail for the ravine. The ravine is actually two ravines, connected to each other. After 30 minutes of exploring this massive cave system, I found diamond. Yes, believe it or not it is part of the cave system even thought it is so far off from the main area. X 514 , y 16 , z 57

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This is really an awesome and detailed seed. Thank you for your submission!

Thanks and no problem! I enjoy posting seeds on here. This is my 10th seed on this site, and I will bring more!

Now this is what seeds should be like on this site! +1.

Thanks! I'll try to upload more seeds like this.

Currently two seeds in submission. I've tried to add a lot of "meat" to the descriptions like this one! Go check them out! Name of seeds : "Windows Registery" and "Fight Fight Fight!"

where is this Diamond?

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