Fight Fight Fight! Minecraft 1.1 Seed

Seed Code: Fight Fight Fight!

Oh heck yes! A large ravine, NPC village partially in water with a ravine under it, and a stronghold near the spawn?! Whaaat?! Support is welcomed, as I went through 20 ( yes, 20 ) seeds before finding this one. Seed uploaded by FriedComputers, but moved to admin seeds.

Spawn points

X: 132 / Y: 67 / Z: 271


X: 69 / Y: 75 / Z: 717

The stronghold! It is near the shoreline, and the cordinates will take you right above the lava pool that the ender portal is above. Careful if your on survival and dig down! The stronghold seems decenetly large, even though I really didn't explore it too much.

X: 214 / Y: 70 / Z: 288

The NPC Village! With a ravine under neath it, two small houses in the shallow pond, and a lava pool near it! This is extremely close to the spawn, allowing access to its resources and the forest near it. (See Location 3 for the ravine in that forest)There is a cave system at the bottom of the ravine, allowing access to deep layers of the minecraft world. This is a very good place for survival! Farm provided, well, ravine--- this is just epic! Oh yeah, there is a pumpkin patch near it too..

X: 56 / Y: 64 / Z: 289

An epic ravine, that is massive. Going down to the layer 31. With two waterfalls ( one not seen in photo ) and one lavafall, this is truely a epic place! Near the spawn too! There is also a cave that is sorta blocked by the view from the waterfall in the picture. After exploring, this turned out to be a massive cavern with large lava pools, gold, and diamonds! (See screenshots)

X: 510 / Y: 93 / Z: 6,038

The second-nearest Mushroom biome. I fit a lot of info into the first 3 locations and until I find a better place to replace this, this will stay here. More mushroom biomes near it. This is actually sorta big.

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seeds. make more ^^

The stronghold is great and so close to spawn! Good job!

The mushroom biome is wonderful, too! I have never seen one so huge! It is a little hard to get to though. :-)

Where does it say the seed??

"Fight Fight Fight!" The titles are the seeds on this site :D



HEY!,if u r gonna mention a stronghold u should at least give out the XYZ coordinates u A**

sir you need to calm down

i created the game and got the spawn of x:132 y:67 Z:271 just like u lol

@MASTER he did you A** H***

My most viewed seed. Thanks everyone :)

whats the seed

is it Fight Fight Fight!


HELP! I went to the exact coordinates of the village AND CAN'T FIND IT! I also spawned differently from x: 132 y: 67 z: 271. I found the strong hold and ravine (I died there) but can not find the village, also graph is annoying F3. I use browser. .-.

you most likely didnt put in the right seed.
"Fight Fight Fight!" is the seed without the quotes.

I also have 1.1 for browser.

man that was a fcking good seed high 5


if u r gonna mention a stronghold u should at least give the XYZ coordinates please i mean if your friend told u there is a strong hold the ask him for the XYZ coordinates please

opps sorry never mind

with or without spaces

I'm kinda jealous.

this map is awesome thanks.


There is a mineshaft at 36, 26, 635
Great seed btw

mineshaft at x 31 y 36 z 283

zombie dungeon at x 280 y 35 z 292

onother zombie dungeon with two chests at x 269 y 23 z 331

spider dungeon with a duble chest with golden disc in it at x 263 y 12 z 360 but watch out there is lava nearby

floded spider dungeon with green disc at x 554 y 26 z 373

everyone who wants to make good seeds DOWNLOAD SINGLE PLAYER COMMANDS AND USE >>>>>>>>>>NOCLIP<<<<<<<<<<<<

where is the stronghold from the village

Where is the entrance to the stronghold? X,Y,Z cordnates would be nice...

Read the comment above you bro

Please don't be stupid people ^_^The cordinates ARE on the image in the same location as EVERY OTHER LOCATION. Jeez, there stronghold cordinates are in there.

@FriedComputers I just found the website today jeez. At least i'm not like other people who cant press F3 and i have a Mac. cut some people some slack. My bad admin.

sorry. I was in a bad mood. Anyways, the cords are there.

Anyways i take angermanage ment clases u shold have seen my old rants... Btw nice seed

Guys check out my seeds! Theres 4 of them!

so all this is for me is grass, trees and sheep..

i did the seed in creative and got everything right because i checked and used ender eyes to find the end and the end was not at x65 y79 z717

the coordinates are wrong for the npc villige

that was brilighnt


Can some one give me directions as to where the strong hold is from the spawn?

NOW THIS WAS A GOOD SEED.....Way better then that stupid Jungleeez.

I like it.In x -717, y 86, z 7 Lots of trees

Where di i put the cordenates

where di i put the locations???

I was unable to find anything with anyy of the coordinates. I didn't even spawn in the right coords!
Anyone else have this haapen?

yes i can help you. If you want to find stronghold use ender eye you will find it right behinde the end portal

whats the seed number fight fight fight gives me a random seed

i found the stronghold @ "-806,40,-70"

What's the seed code? This doesn't even work.

It works. You just aren't doing it right. This is for minecraft 1.1 incase youre using snapshot or 1.0. You need the Caps, spaces, and puncuation exactly: "Fight Fight Fight!"

Fight Fight Fight!

Is the 100% Exact seed.

awsome seed thx thx thx

no prob :D

hallo leute. kann mir bitte jemand sagen warum ich nicht auf die seeds zugreifen kann ;(
lg ruby (ger)

I tried that I put in exactly Fight Fight Fight! and I don't think it worked because I didn't see the village anywhere and when i use F3 it shows a graph but it takes up my whole screen how do i get it to not do that. is there a number for those words i can put it?

okay i got it figured out but not the graph thing i can't see the coordinates because of the graph. I am not playing threw a browser I have it on my computer.

it doesnt work it must have a code.

Guys you have to use minecraft version 1.1

Its there put the render distance on far or use creative mode

cant get on the f*** on the f***ing seed.

x 66
y 70
z 251
dig straight down and you'll end up in a huge room of lava, with gold all around the caves close by.
It's pretty groovy.

i dont get it , where is the seed of this?

40+ likes.

all i can say is.......WOW.....

where is the sronghold? All what I found a underground maze cave.

i like this seed its good!!

Guys I am posting a map to a secret mineshaft on my profile come check it out!!!!!! It is huge and has some chests in it! I will add some photos of the inside!

Ignore that post I have the cords!


Dig down from here and you should hit a mineshaft!

OMG there is like 45 diamonds in the mineshaft! Win Win Win! Is a better name for this seed!

Guys found another shaft at:
Once again dig down to reach it.

Hmm sooo I loaded up the seed but...it dont wanna work i check the seed with f3 and it says seed 0 im usinf 1.2.3 version ._.

Ok nvm i found the seed number xD if ya wanna use it its 523806353 (actual seed when level is generated)

Hey, FriedComputers, I want well-a question about the site, how did you get to be an admin, because I'm thinking of becoming one

i cant find the city!

i cant find the city!

Suckish it won't work

@Russ2 What version are you using? You MUST use version 1.1

I like it but i dont know how to add pics to my own seeds but i think my seed is 1.1 and they are CandyLand and also New World-The biggest seed i ever saw

And with my comment at bottom of this comment i found a village!!!!!!!!!!!!

does it work on 1.2

how do you see the corrdinants

it is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


where is the seed
number or whatever


i didnt locate the seed code in page...

where is it?

I Didn't find the stronghold at all

the seed is in the page title and right below the big picture at the top! its really easy to find!

Where is the seed # -__-

what is the seed!!!!!!!!!!!


Where is the seed plz!!

To everyone who said: "IT DOESN'T WORK!!!!!" It only works in 1.1 for Cryin' out loud!

I dug straight down at X -796 Y 70 Z 67 and found the fortress

You need to have a new seed code for 1.2.5


Hey, I've just received a free Minecraft Giftcode!
You can get one too!

>> minecraftcodes.me <<

For those who want the seed it is:

Fight Fight Fight!

Beast stronghold although I almost burned up

Is this a PC seed or a Xbox 360 seed or both?
Plz tell me

found something at x: 155, y: 61, z: 654
I don't know what it is, but it's awesome!

Excellent, excellent, EXCELLENT map! Perfect for me, since I tend to just go into the villages and expand them to the point where there are 25-30 natural Iron Golems visible at all times.

Does it work on minecraft 1.3.2?

How do you make seeds?????? Pls Pls answer

When I do it I can't find the village where is it?!

Do you spawn near the village?

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