ILikeEXPLOSIVES Minecraft 1.1 Seed


A neat little seed - Nothing special. Sorry for lack of seeds lately! I promise for more :D STRONGHOLD: x 412 , y 70 , z 723

Spawn points

X: 228 / Y: 71 / Z: 240


X: 253 / Y: 101 / Z: 224

Right next to spawn. A snow biome in the back and a lot of cave entrances right under the mountain. Since it is near the spawn this seed could make a neat survival series.

X: 595 / Y: 67 / Z: -62

An arch with a flat valley. This is a REALLY cool place to build a house!

X: -281 / Y: 83 / Z: -17

NPC village in a bay that branches right off of a river! Neat!
Chest in forge includes: 3 diamonds, 4 bread, 3 iron, iron boots, and 2 apples.

X: 56 / Y: 98 / Z: 276

BEST. SPOT. EVAR! Lava pool + Ravine + Cave = This! All right next to each other! I'm sorry if you can't see them all because of the trees but they're there!

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